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Introduction - Credentia - IPP World, Mauritius - Singapore


With the rise in global exchanges, international transactions and cross-border investments, the demand for business advisory, cross-language documentation and information management expertise has been growing exponentially.

Enterprises are capitalizing on the convenience to develop, manage and disseminate information or media content using a wide array of digital tools, network applications and a broad spectrum of technology platforms. Indeed, the IoTs have enabled even small companies to reach out to the audiences around the world, at a fraction of the cost they would have to incurred a decade ago.

However, not all target consumers re ad or speak in the same language. Hence, overcoming linguistics and the cultural factors at play remain critical challenges in a company’s engagement strategy with global audiences.

It is a calling of a new breed of solution providers that are able to go beyond creativity and software engineering, to help businesses in reaching out to target audiences in their preferred language of communication.