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IPPWORLD - Art of Information Globalization Across Cultures

By: Henry Fu (IPPWORLD)

Globalization is not just about growing one’s business in other countries but also having to deal with foreign competitors in one’s own backyard. FTAs will continue to remove trade barriers as well as eliminate differentiators in a product’s country-of-origin.


"The hotel sector in Mauritius is not investing enough in foreign language content”

By: Shelby Emilien (

To boost website traffic from specific markets, we need reader-friendly content written in the preferred language of target audiences.

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Seminar - “Transcreation Enhances Revenue Growth” - Port Louis, Mauritius, 9 Sep 2016


CREDENTIA GROUP together with IPPWORLD from Singapore held a seminar on "Transcreation" as an effective marketing tools.

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Creative Strategy + Transcreation = Multicultural Marketing Content

By: Joanne Chan (IPPWORLD)

Customization of source content for global markets through ‘co-sourcing’ with a Language Service Provider, offers greater efficiency in the management of multicultural marketing content, at reduced cost and shorter time-to-market.


Credentia-IPPWORLD: Facilitates openings toward promising markets with its Transcreation Services

By: Shareenah Kalla (

A partnership that offers clients best-of-class in end-to-end translation or transcreation services to facilitate global campaigns across multi-cultural markets, seamlessly.

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Credentia-IPPWORLD: First to offer "transcreation" services in Mauritius

By: Shelby Emilien (

With its staff training on methodologies and workflows in place, the joint venture company is ready to serve clients in Mauritius, the Indian Ocean and South Africa regions. 

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