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Sanjeev K.S Gopaul - Credentia - IPP World, Mauritius - Singapore

Sanjeev K.S Gopaul

Co-Founder & Director

Sanjeev is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Credentia Group (, which is an independent and privately-owned investment group with a diverse interest and operations in several business sectors including financial services, ICT & BPO, hospitality, tourism and healthcare.

The Group’s business had steadily grown by selectively partnering with established individuals and companies that shared in its ambition and values.

Sanjeev's entrepreneurship career started in 2012 with the founding of his first company offering cross-border corporate and tax structuring, fiduciary services, estate planning and listings. Sanjeev continued to establish other businesses within the Group, driving its international expansion through selective partnerships: the first being with IPPWORLD from Singapore by establishing CREDENTIA-IPPWORLD ( The C&I partnership consists of management and technical experts ready to assist clients in business consulting, multilingual information and linguistics management.

Sanjeev established Credentia Health ( in 2015, a business dedicated to offering a comprehensive product portfolio in healthcare for the local and African markets.

The latest initiative by Credentia is the setting up of Waterside Wines ( together with African Wine Merchants (a Division of the Africa Food Traders Group), South Africa. The vision is to establish Waterside Wines as the preferred “wine by the glass” option in resorts, hotels and restaurants. A Waterside Reserve range will be introduced over time.

Sanjeev can be contacted at: