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Henry Fu - Credentia - IPP World, Mauritius - Singapore

Henry Fu

Co-Founder & Operations Director

Henry is the founder of IPPWORLD (, an early pioneer in the provision of information localization encompassing translation and formatting of various media content with multilingual texts. Headquartered in Singapore, he also established a WOFE (Wholly-Owned Foreign Enterprise) subsidiary in Shanghai, China.

Prior to establishing IPPWORLD in 1994, Henry was country manager of Interlingua Language Services (then the world’s largest LSP with its HQ in London). In 1989, he went on to setup a multilingual publishing house that won licenses to translate Joe Weider’s ‘Muscle & Fitness’ magazines for Asian markets.

IPPWORLD was established with a vision for uncompromising quality in linguistics and multilingual project management for clients embarking in, or engaging with cross-cultural diversifications. Under his leadership, IPPWORLD was quick to develop unique processes in human capital management and software competencies. The company’s growth accelerated in 2001 with the advent of digital LMS, CRM and CMS that capitalized on the World Wide Web as a means to diverge or converge information. Its emergence from a ‘brick-and-mortar’ business to a ‘technology-dependent’ service provider resulted in processes becoming more productive and deliveries predictable.

With his in-depth knowledge in the creation of derivative language versions of marketing content for global enterprises, Henry continues his involvement in IPPWORLD as advisor to its management team, as well as oversees on long-term business strategies.

Henry can be contacted at: