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Joanne Chan - Credentia - IPP World, Mauritius - Singapore

Joanne Chan

Business Director

Since graduating in business management studies, Joanne has been constantly involved in various levels of marketing, sales and business development. Her foray into respective frontline roles included a successful stint with an internationally renowned magazine publisher prior to joining IPPWORLD.

Joanne is the Regional Director of IPPWORLD. She joined the company in 1999 to oversee its sales activities in Singapore and Shanghai. Currently she is in charge of the client services teams. She is instrumental in formulating winning strategies that achieved higher revenues, wider customer bases as well as strong relationships with corporate clients from the hospitality, tourism and lifestyle sectors.

A proponent in the concept of “Creative Strategy + Transcreation = Multicultural Marketing Content”, Joanne has been advocating to A&P practitioners as well as marcom teams on the rule of ‘co-sourcing’ rather than ‘outsourcing’, the former being the more cost-effective and reliable approach for enterprises or their media agencies involved in developing multilingual contents to reach out to global audiences confidently.

Joanne’s appetite for uncompromising service quality stems from her innate believes in MBO (management-by-objective) principles. She is unassuming to details, embraces team dynamics for innovativeness and in meeting challenges efficiently. She guides respective project teams in devising and building complementary and eclectic work ethics that best suits the client’s marketing content objectives, desires and expectations.

Joanne can be contacted at: