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Why CREDENTIA-IPPWORLD? - Credentia - IPP World, Mauritius - Singapore


We are constantly involved in content localization projects with marcom teams of global enterprises, publishers and media consulting agencies around the world.

• Our knowledge comes from IPPWORLD that has a registered domain since 1995 - attesting to its early mover status with the Internet as a medium to communicate and transact globally.

• Our teams have first-hand experiences in identifying potential problematic issues with linguistics and editorial, as well as with software scripting conflicts of digital applications used for offline, online and rich media content development projects.

• We work with a fully-tested Translation Management System platform with many in-built features including a client portal, global search, integrated machine translation and support for unlimited numbers of participating 3rd party language service providers.

• Our project teams are based in Mauritius, Singapore, China and India, bringing in a diversity of culture, thinking and perspectives.

• Deployment of worldwide professional resources selected for their firsthand knowledge and understanding on the norms and local practices of their respective communities, thereby ensuring that our client’s business information reaches target audiences in an equally emotional, intellectual and culturally relevant manner.

• Applying LQA (Language Quality Assurance) Scorecard System to keep checks on the knowledge and skills of linguistic teams.